Saturday, August 9, 2008

Cancer Research News

OK, lets get right to what Handmade Help is all about. Cancer research. Funds have been reduced to university researchers. This is where real objective research can be done.
Here's a news article about Pediatric Treatment research going on at the University of Florida at Gainsville:
Kids die of cancer too. There's still a stigma about the word "cancer" but there is also an association of it happening to the old and infirm "one foot in the grave" folk as well.
A cure for cancer, or more effective treatments will improve the lives of SO many people, children, mothers, sisters, brothers, fathers, grandparents. All of them.
Please support the cancer charity of your choice.


Liam's Friends at OXO said...

I am the President and founder of two pediatric cancer research foundations. I became an advocate after my son was diagnosed with a deadly form of cancer called neuroblastoma. Only about 30% of children win their battle against this beast. Last year we raised over 1.5 million through vaious fund-raising events and I came across your site today and wanted to learn more about what you are doing and how you direct your funds. Fel free to visit Band of Parents at to learn more about our organization and the 130 families who are fighting for a cure for their very own children.


Larry Witt
Father of Liam

Handmade Help said...

Hi Larry,
Thank you so much for responding to that last post. I'm encouraged by your fundraising efforts.
Right now there's a bill put before congress #HR6791 for raising funds to fight "the war on cancer" which was begun back in 1986(?). It has two sponsors thus far. here's a link *I hope* to a site you can automatically send a message of support to your government official:
I hope that's it. It came to me through an ovarian cancer message, but the bill itself is for general cancer fundraising by using taxes on tobacco etc.
My rather small but enthusiastic efforts sprung from my return to life after my second round of chemo for ovarian cancer. I send all the profits from and from to high rated cancer research charities. (Check policy section at paintingwell for the institutions and amounts sent)
It's all I can do for now, but I see the problem is huge.
Your child, my family, me, friends, we have all had our lives ended or altered drastically by cancer -- and in my case the chemo drugs are dirivatives of WWI mustard gas. Sorry, the allocation of government funds makes me a little crazy.
So, I'm hoping this links to your blog.
My email is if you want to send me more information.