Sunday, August 10, 2008

Write to the government!

I'm bouyed by having received a comment from yesterday's post.
Today, here's your chance to write even a quick note to your legislator in Washington urging support for the Cancer Trust Fund bill. It's #HR6791.
Here's the link which will take you to a site where you can find out who is your representative and send them a note. It came through my ovarian alert mail, but it's for all cancers:
Here's what the legislation says:
One of the last bills to be introduced before the Congressional recess was the Cancer Trust Fund bill, a piece of legislation that aims to fully fund cancer initiatives through the federal government. By raising the tax on cigarettes, Congress and cancer advocacy groups hope to accelerate the War on Cancer, declared in 1971. Since then the relative five year survival rate for ovarian cancer has increased from 38 percent to 45 percent, indicating that ovarian cancer needs more research, early detection and treatment. These issues, and others, are addressed in the Cancer Trust Fund bill.

Handmade help seems a pitiful effort in the face of all the suffering and all the funds needed. However, I'm just one person and it's all I can do, and I do all I can. All profits from sales go to four-star rated cancer research organizations. If you link to and go to policy section it tells you all about the contribution process.

All ideas are welcomed. Write if you have a light bulb going off. Or just write!

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